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Market Lane Designs is a boutique business rooted in giving style and sustainability a home. On the surface, we’re in the business of unique giftables. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll see we not only create and curate gifts worth giving—they’re also gifts worthy of Earth. Whether eco-conscious and zero-waste or handcrafted by a local maker, it’s a win for our planet. These are pieces to cherish. Pieces people can confidently shop, knowing they’re supporting our planet and the real people upon it.

Every candle is hand poured by me with 100% soy wax and essential oils with cotton wicks. Being made with Soy wax makes for a cleaner burn than those made with paraffin wax. Our candles have a very long burn life, and a smell that lasts with every light!


Featured collection


Shop your favorite candle types! Jar, Travel Tin, and Wax Melt Bars.

Try your luck with our new Mystery Boxes. Newly added to the site for a surprise to the buyer! Who doesn't love a good guess what I got? Prices range from $25-5,000. What will you choose?

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