Wax Art

Wax Art

How adorable are these little Santa mugs! My friend had given me the mug and i thought it was just too cute to not put a candle in. Of course, with it being a mug i wanted it to look like it was full of Coco with decorations. So, I did what any candle maker would do and figured out a way to pipe out wax to look like whipped cream! 

This process is actually pretty easy but requires a lot of patience's. You have to melt your wax and then let it cool to the point where it starts to turn white. While it is cooling you need to whisk it with either a whisk or a small stirring spoon till it is whipped and the consistency of icing. Once the wax has reached that point then you put it into your piping bag and go at it! 

This process is very tedious and time consuming but is 100% worth it for the amazing result it gives you. 

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